What’s New in 1.7.1

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Awesomium 1.7.1 for Windows is now available! Download the SDK from the link below:

Download 1.7.1 for Windows
API Docs for C++
API Docs for .NET

Top Changes in the Core

Better Authentication Support

Awesomium now better mimics Chrome’s authentication behavior. Previously-stored credentials saved by the OS are now used by default and NTLM authentication works as expected.

Ported to Mac OSX and Linux

We have now released experimental native builds of 1.7 for Mac OSX and Linux, download them here. Please note that windowless WebViews are only supported at this time.

Top 3 Changes in the .NET Bindings

1. Create Source Views

You can now create views (WebView) and WebControls that display the source code of loaded page.

For WebView, use:


For technology specific WebControls, use:



2. Many Fixes & Improvements

This release includes a number of new features and enhancements but mostly bugfixes that we have applied the past two months, mainly thanks to your feedback.

You can get a quick view of the features, improvements and fixes by reading the following article:

What’s New in 1.7.1

Also take a look at:

3. New Samples

We have updated our samples and added new ones, demonstrating new and improved features.


The new WPFJavascriptSample demonstrates advanced JavaScript interoperation scenarios using the WPF WebControl.

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