Unity3D Integration Tutorial – Part 1

NOTE: This tutorial applies to version 1.6.x of Awesomium. Please get the latest Awesomium Unity Plugin SDK (v1.7.x) from here and study the included sample scene.


This a quick introductory tutorial to using Awesomium with Unity3D.

We’ll walk you through the basics and demonstrate how to display a simple web-page in your 3D scene.

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The Rationale for Awesomium

The Problem

IE, Firefox, Chrome. Small armies of developers have worked for years crafting some of the finest applications that the world has ever used. Millions of lines of code, vast functionality, immense complexity, all wrapped up into a single, standalone application.

As a software developer, that bothered me.

See, I’m prone to breaking things apart to see how they work; I love nothing more than to solve the mystery of complex systems, to re-arrange components, ideas, concepts, into something more beautiful.
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