1.7.0 And Other Things.

We are officially out of hibernation here at Awesomium and we’re kicking off 2013 with a new product release and some exciting new updates!

New Release

Awesomium 1.7.0 for Windows is now stable and feature-complete!

Check out What’s New in 1.7.0 for a rundown of all the new changes.

New Q&A Support Platform

Inspired by the success of StackOverflow, we’ve decided to roll out our own Q&A platform: Awesomium Answers. It’s only been up two weeks and we’ve already had over 50 answers posted. Our other communities (the public forum and Tender Support site) will soon be shut down and redirected to this new site.

New Support Wiki

Check out our new support wiki for getting started tutorials and helpful articles.

Everything is Awesomium

We’re excited to announce that we have renamed our company to Awesomium Technologies (previously ‘Khrona’). We are stoked to move everything under the same umbrella and bring you some fantastic new offerings in 2013.

Stay tuned, we’re just getting started!

GDC 2013, Here We Come

GDC 2013 Banner

We’ll be attending GDC 2013 again this year, let us know if you are too and we’ll grab a drink (or organic coffee, it is San Francisco after all).

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